About the Symposium

This symposium will bring together scholars from diverse fields interested in framing diverse issues as “global moral panics,” issues hyped in the media and public discourse that crystallize a problem of geopolitical inequality. As we are conceptualizing this framing rubric, such panics envision a threat arising in the third world and threatening the first, imagine avenues for first-world citizens as saviors, propose solutions that criminalize migrants and laborers, expand punitive state capacity, and exacerbate the underlying sources of the problem. By setting different forms of contemporary global moral panics alongside each other, this event will detail the symbolic strategies and social conditions that facilitate the production of such panics. In turn, the participants will explore new possibilities for reframing so as to expose, subvert, and redirect the disciplinary, policing approaches that have dominated crisis debates to date.

The range of issues that can be understood as global moral panics reveal a great deal about the global conditions that generate them. This symposium will try to uncover those insights, with six panels, including a film showing, spread over two full days. All events will be free and open to the full university community and public.

Duke University Press has accepted a proposal for an anthology to be published out of symposium contributions following a rigorous peer review process.

The Global Moral Panics Symposium grew out of the Global Moral Panics Working Group at Indiana University. Members include:

  • Bailey, Marlon M., Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies, American Studies.
  • Breger, Claudia., Professor and Chair, Women’s and Gender Studies.
  • Brennan, Melinda Quinn, doctoral student, Women’s and Gender Studies.
  • Campbell-Badger, Lindsey Nicole, doctoral student, Communication and Culture.
  • Chambers, Alex, doctoral student, American Studies.
  • Frazier, Lessie Jo, Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies, American Studies.
  • Gay, Ross, Associate Professor, English; Associate Director of Creative Writing.
  • Gregory Campbell, LaNita Rahjina, doctoral candidate, Women’s and Gender Studies.
  • Herring, Terrell Scott, Associate Professor, English.
  • Horton-Stallings, Lamonda, Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies.
  • Kahn, Hilary E., Director, Center for the Study of Global Change.
  • Lepselter, Susan Claudia, Assistant Professor, Communication and Culture.
  • Mitchel, Courtney Hannah, doctoral student, American Studies.
  • Mudiwa, Rudo Robin, doctoral candidate, Communication and Culture.
  • Seigel, Micol, Associate Professor, American Studies, History.
  • Seizer, Susan Amy, Associate Professor, Communication and Culture.

Through its reading group, the symposium, edited volume, and general discussions, the Global Moral Panics Collective seeks to alter the conversation about human trafficking taking place on the IU Bloomington campus, around the country, and beyond.

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